Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The 07 National Iron Butt Rally Start

We arrived Sunday, July 19 after attending Grumpy's breakfast. As you might expect, for someone interested in LD riding and well farkled motorcycles, this was the place to be.
Rob Nye's Spaceship. A typical IBR cockpit.

Fuel Cells & Star Traxx were common.
The new Victory Vision garnered it's share of attention.

Tim Yow's bike arrived on a "Tr&*%er" .... eeewwwww.... LOL
(He had a flat)
Many riders worked all day in the parking lot to get things just right.
The IBR was well represented Internationally

Farkleing takes on new meaning at the IBR.

Of personal interest: My first sighting of the new Jesse bags.

The event photographers. You did not want to hit this ladder as you passed the start line.

Warchild (Dale Wilson) & Lisa Landry giving the start and last minute instructions.

The rally dramatically starts in a heavy rain.

Warchild walked the line between the bikes, signaling each rider, from side to side, to leave about 3 seconds apart. Ninety seven bikes were gone in less than five minutes. The start was flawless.

For the next eleven days the story will unfold. It should be mighty interesting to watch!

After the dramatic start, Kevin Pugh and I left Chesterfield, stopping at the Ulysses S. Grant Historic Site for Kevin's stamp. From there we rode south, enjoying the Ozark twisties of southern Missouri.

Eventually we arrived at Van Buren for The Ozark National Scenic River stamp. It was more or less a straight shot east on Hwy 60 returning home.

"If you don't know where you are going, any road will lead you there." ~ unknown~

Grumpy's Pre IBR Start - MTF Breakfast

Grumpy (MTF handle) graciously invited any MTF member to stop by his Ladue/St. Louis home for breakfast and a meet and greet Sunday morning, the day before the St. Louis IBR start.

I am sure Grumpy's neighbors were not expecting 24 bikes to roll up on a quiet Sunday morning. We were all very well behaved so maybe, in time, he will be forgiven.

A little bit of everything could be found represented on the street.

The driveway and street were lined with bikes.

Grumpy (right) welcomes MTF'ers.

The backyard got a workout as well.
The food was excellent.

The Wizard held court.

Fletchers BMW Adventure ... Sweet!

I refuse to tiptoe thru life only to arrive safely at death. ~Unknown~