Saturday, October 07, 2006

Iron Butt Association's National Parks Tour (NPT)

I made a list of all the beautiful places I wanted to see in America, and it turned out that many of them were national parks. The Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Zion, Glacier, Big Bend, to name a few. The Iron Butt National Parks Tour appears to be an ideal retirement project in conjunction with my upcoming 07 Alaska ride. What better way to combine a passion for long distance riding, a desire to see more of this beautiful country and the freedom of retirement?

The object of the NPT is to take some time to visit the hundreds of National Parks, National Historic Sites, National Recreation Areas, and National Monuments located in the United States and Canada.
The rules for the IBA National Parks Tour are simple:

Obtain a Passport from the National Parks Service. ($7.95)

While riding a motorcycle, visit at least 25 states within 1 year, and 50 National Parks, National Monuments, National Historic Sites, National Recreation Areas, or any other site or park listed in the Passport. I can start any time I like, ride either of my bikes, and finish any time I want within the one year time period.

Each National Park or Historic Site visitor center has a custom stamp that verifies the date visited, the Park's name and geographic location. A stamp for each site I visit will be placed in my National Parks Passport. These stamps are the primary form of verification to certify this ride.

There are three levels to this ride: Master, Silver and Gold.

MASTER TRAVELER AWARD- A custom Iron Butt Association Certificate of Accomplishment, a Master Traveler Pin, and a license plate back. By far the best reward will be a chance to see some of the prettiest parts of America and Canada.

SILVER AWARD - The same rules apply as the NPT Master Traveler, however, it requires visits to parks in these areas: WASHINGTON or Canadian parks northwest of the Washington border, California, Florida, Maine or Canadian parks northeast of the Maine border.

GOLD AWARD - The same rules apply as the NPT Master Traveler, however, you MUST visit parks in these areas: Alaska, California, Florida, Maine or Canadian parks northeast of the Maine border.

National Park stamp collecting is a growing hobby enjoyed by motorcyclists and non-motorcyclsts alike. Folks who simply love to travel and see the beauty of this land. Many of these collectors have have an impressive collection of stamps and the beautiful memories that accompany them.

Park Stamp . Org provides networking and recognition opportunities for visitors to America’s National Park System. They also maintain a comprehensive list of parks, with directions, oddly referred to as a "Noodle".

Reference sites for this page include:

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