Friday, April 09, 2010

The 6th Annual Moonshine Lunch Run - 2010

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I had long been told by my Motorcycle Touring Forum buddies that I would never be a true Long Distance Motorcycle rider until and unless I had attended a Moonshine. With that sage advice in mind, I left Paducah early Friday morning for the short 200 mile ride to Casey, IL and my first Moonshine Lunch Run. 

Unlike many of the past years, the weather this year could not have been better! I am told proper credit for the stellar weather goes to this years Weather Chairman, Tim Yow.

Fortunately, I took Terry Hammond's advice and followed friends to the Moonshine Store, ignoring my lying Miss Garmin!
Bikes poured in while we were eating our burgers.
Yep, the burgers were delicious, just ask Ray (jumper5392). We were there early before the line formed. I learned quickly you can kiss your diet goodbye at any Moonshine event!
John (Sarkri), keeping an eye on the somewhat scarce Diet Dew. 
Diet Dew, Cheeseburgers and Chocolate Rice Krispies 
"Moonshine's Breakfast of Champions!"  
Hundreds of different bikes could be seen at Moonshine.

A great place to put new faces with old names.
From adventure to full touring ... they'll all be at Moonshine!
Tail Dragger Fuel Cells, Power Windshields and Aux Lighting. Obviously I was very interested in any Wing set up for LD Riding and there were plenty of them.
Tim Yow led 250 Moonshiners to Fridays BBQ Lunch at The Stovepipe Grill and Smokehouse
The Stovepipe Restaurant is located at The Lincoln Springs Resort, the home of The Worlds Tallest and Ugliest Lincoln Statue.

Four hundred people showed up for Friday Nights Awards Dinner, held at Richards Farm Restaurant in Casey. Riders converged on Moonshine from as far away as California!
Hundreds of bikes arrived early, filling the parking lot and lining both sides of the road.

Moonshine benefits several deserving local charities in a big way. Terry Hammonds and his many helpers have done a wonderful job pulling it all together each year. The event is truly a credit to everyone involved.

Moonshine is also a lot of fun! It's a great place to meet old friends and make new ones. Also, if you love to kick tires and ogle LD bikes you'll love Moonshine!

The only  fault with Moonshine I found was there were so many people attending I wanted to talk to but never got a chance. Many I didn't even know were there until afterward. That is all the excuse one needs to attend next year.

Moonshine Update:

The Official Count!
1,908 Moonburgers ate at Moonshine Saturday!
Beat the old record by 789!

1,100 Motorcycles

250,000 miles 1 way

500,000 miles round trip!

39 States and Canada!

Farthest riders are 2,132 miles 1 way!


With all due respect... "Because I said so" wasn't a valid response when I was 5, and is even less valid as I approach 65.  ~Michael Jordan~ (LD List)

"All great truths begin as blasphemies."  ~George Benard Shaw~


  1. How cool! Looks like a very fun time and coming close to a bike show! Bikes as far as the eye can see!

    BTW, LOVE the Michael Jordan quote! I totally agree and try VERY hard not to say that to Keaton!

    Love you!

  2. Great sharing a room with you, see you down the road


  3. Sorry I missed the Moonshine Party this year! Looks like there were plenty folks there. Doubt they needed me to buy a moonburger to set a new record. Thanks for sharing your MLR story!