Tuesday, October 21, 2008

KY County Courthouse Tour (8)

77 Blue Counties Visited of 120 Total
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Monday, October 20, 2008

Kentucky Courthouse Tour (SPOT)
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I have learned daylight comes late in the eastern time zone. Finally, at 7:40 am, I departed Mt. Vernon for Stanford. The temp was 30 degrees amid an otherwise bright and clear sky.

(70) Lincoln County
Stanford, KY

(71) Garrard County
Lancaster, KY

I am sure it is obvious by now that I have a strong interest in the colorful history of each of these counties. I have posted many of the historical signs I have found along the way.

(72) Boyle County
Danville, KY

(73) Mercer County
Harrodsburg, KY
(74) Jessamine County
Nicholasville, KY

(75) Fayette County
Lexington, KY

(76) Woodford County
Versailles, KY

(77) Anderson County
Lawrenceburg, KY

After stopping in Elizabethtown, KY for the worst pork bar-b-que sandwich I have had in a long time, I arrived home Monday afternoon around 3:00 pm, tired but very pleased with my 3-day ride. I am already looking forward to the next courthouse tour.

I love the open road and all that it suggests.

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KY County Courthouse Tour (7)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kentucky Courthouse Tour (SPOT)

I left Harlan, KY around 7:40 am in a moderate fog with the temperture at 30 degrees. A light frost covered everything. Heated clothing saved a cold but otherwise beautiful fall day.

I slowly climbed up a mountain just outside of Harlan, breaking through the fog halfway up. Soon I topped the summit where I found a breathtaking view of the surrounding fog filled valley. Along the way I visited Kingdom Come State Park and Pine Mountain State Park. Both beautiful by any measure!

People are constantly asking me why I ride long distances and I always tell them it is the journey. It's not about any single destination. It's the unique and beautiful sights you see along the way. The two pictures above illustrate my point perfectly!

I decended the mountain to find Whitesburg, KY hidden below the thick blanket of fog.

(57) Letcher County
Whitesburg, KY

The rest of my day was spent riding through the scenic Applachian Mountains visiting twelve southeastern KY counties, each beautiful in it's own way.

(58) Pike County
Pikesville, KY

Pike County is the eastern most county and borders Virginia.

(59) Floyd County
Prestonburg, KY

(60) Magoffin County
Salyersville, KY

(61) Johnson County
Paintsville, KY

(62) Lawrence County
Louisa, KY

(63) Martin County
Inez, KY

Martin County borders West Virginia. Again, many of these counties are building fancy new "Justice Centers." Anytime I have a choice, I much prefer to take a picture of the "old courthouse".

(64) Knott County
Hindman, KY

(65) Perry County
Hazard, KY

(66) Leslie County
Hyden, KY

(67) Clay County
Manchester, KY

I ran into issues with the sun at almost every turn. It was always directly over the courthouses making it extremely hard to take a decent photo. This explains some of the odd positions the pictures were taken from.

(68) Laurel County
London, KY

(69) Rockcastle County
Mt. Vernon, KY

I ended a great fall riding day in Mt. Vernon, KY with a not-so fancy dinner at the local Arbys and an inexpensive room at the Econo Lodge.

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KY County Courthouse Tour (6)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Kentucky Courthouse Tour (SPOT)

The goal was to ride the southern green route on my KY State Map.

I left Paducah in the pre-dawn darkness around 6:15 am. After spotting several deer near the roadside of I-24 I made a prudent stop in Princeton to await daylight and grab a quick breakfast at the local Hardy's.

(50) Casey County
Liberty, KY

Late in the morning, and two hundred sixty five miles later, I arrived at my first court house.

(51) Pulaski County
Somerset, KY

(52) McCreary County
Whitley City, KY

(53) Whitley County
Williamsburg, KY

(54) Knox County
Barbourville, KY

(55) Bell County
Pineville, KY

(56) Harlan County
Harlan, KY

The rest of the afternoon was spent riding along the southeastern tier of Kentucky counties collecting pictures of the next six courthouses. I ended the day at the only hotel in Harlan, Ky, the Holiday Inn Express.

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Monday, October 06, 2008

KY County Courthouse Tour (5)

October 6th. 2008
Blue = Counties Visited (49 of 120)
Red-White-Green = Future Trips

(45) Butler County
Morgantown, KY

(46) Hart County
Munfordville, KY
(47) Webster County
Dixon, KY

(48) Henderson County
Henderson, KY

(49) Union County
Morganfield, KY

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