Friday, December 07, 2012

Castle Post, Lexington, KY

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Many of you will remember "The Castle" on Hwy 60 (Versailles Road) as you enter the west side of Lexington, KY. I am sure many have also wondered what the castle looked like inside. Recently, Carolyn and I were invited by our long time friends Bub & Joann Gamble of Versailles, to attend the Castle Christmas Charity Open House. The Castle Post is a privately owned, exclusive hotel most of the year, and is only open for public viewing the first weekend of December, as a benefit charity for the Salvation Army. 

The Castle sat empty for many years, unfinished, and was eventually purchased and completely renovated by Tom Post, a Miami attorney who graduated from the University of Kentucky. 

Carolyn and I found touring Castle Post a truly unique experience and we invite you to enjoy it also.

A special "thank you" to Bub and Joann for a great day with good friends. 

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Castle Post, Lexington, KY

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